Saturday, March 15, 2014


Do you still remember...?
That time when I, you and her,
Riding on the bikes in the middle of the rain,
Sped them as fast I thought  they would beat a plane.

Do you still remember...?
The first and the last sleepover,
That time we shared the same comforter,
While watching some movie, recently I realized, was popular.


Saturday, December 21, 2013


Weekends come and go.
Next weekend, it's me who go. Go home.

"It's small but it's a home" -Ron Weasley

Friday, November 8, 2013



I think I'd better stop being like a glue,
Patching up her, him, me and you,
Being the always first one who said "How'd you do?",
Oh God, did you ever wonder what I've been through?

Friendship lasts forever, you say?
How about a simple text, telling that you're away?

So I think I'd better stop,
All hopes, I better crop.

Oh, maybe I'll meet you.
Maybe after a year, or possibly two.


ps: Tough year ahead!
      When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Tough hati, tough physically! Hayya alal falah!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Senior Year

Tanya si pesakit berumur 5 tahun di wad tadi, "Nok pangge misi ko doktor, awok?"
Aku jawab, "Pangge kakok la."

The oldest kakaks in the school.
Feeling old.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I am Who I am

Previously I once posted about how frequent people mistakenly think that I am a guy because of my name. They usually surprise when they finally meet me in person and talk to me on the phone.
Tapi, bila you are in the middle of conversation with me yet you still ask me whether I'm a guy or a girl, it's irritating much, isn't it?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Naik Tahun Lima

Today is the graduating day of the 10th batch Doctors Of Dental Surgery USM. 
Those seniors who previously I called "Kak" are now doctors/dentists.
With that, we are replacing them into Final Year, InsyaAllah. 

Congrats a mega again to graduated seniors!

InsyaAllah, I can make it through like you!


ps: Alhamdulillah, I passed the End of Year Four exam, qualifying me into the final year.
      Cuti peralihan tahun akademik hanya 2 minggu. Will be back in USM for elective etc.
      Year 5 classes will start on 1st Sept 2013. 
pss: Hari tu aku cakap kat Che Din tauke kedai kat desasiswa supaya doakan kitorang dapat naik Tahun 5. 
        Che Din cakap, InsyaAllah naik. Kalau naik pelamin, jangan lupa jemput deh
aku: Dah dapat naik Tahun 5, plan naik pelamin mungkin sudah boleh dimulai, barangkali?
        provided kalau ada rezeki dan bakal suami. Tak gitu?

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Just bits of updates to share.

My clinic session will re-start today, well in a few hours. Here, I'm sitting and typing in the middle of finishing my Smoking Cessation Counselling which I plan to conduct at about 10 am today.

Last week was exam week. Not the whole week, of course. I had two papers and 2 stations in two days. Morning was a 2-hour theoretical exam in which we had 8 questions worth 15 marks each. Later in the evening we had active stations. It's like moving from one table to another for every 5 minutes, which in each table we had either a question or A DOCTOR waiting for us to answer accordingly.

Humph, the result will be out in few days, maybe on the 10th. Aaaaaa, I am nervous. Some I could answer well, some were so-so, and some  could not. Aaaaa.
Nevertheless, past is past. Bersangka baik ajelah dengan Allah. InsyaAllah.

Ramadhan is approaching in two days insyaAllah. This year I will be celebrating the first day of this holy month in USM.

Oh ya, by the way, I moved from Desa Murni to Desa Nurani last thursday. So, days after the exam were fully occupied with packing, cleaning and transporting stuffs and not forgetting hanging out and internet surfing as well.

Back to the exam, I reaaly hope that anything happens once the result comes out, I'll accept it with an open heart. InsyaALLAH and with your du'a and pray, I'll be entering the FINAL year in 2 months time. It's like being a form-fiver again with the big final exam awaits at the end of the term.

So, I guess I better put a comma now.
See you soon!
Ttfn, wassalam!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Air Sejuk

Tadi, panas hati sekejap.
Panas sebab kunun nak membancuh air oren.
Bubuh patinya, bubuh gula barang sesudu.
Bawak cawan keluo kunun nak menadah air sejuk dekat mesin Coway.
Tup-tup setitik pun idok keluo.
Hati pun makin panas.
Hawa dah memang panas,
So, nak marah sapa?
Nak marah panas?
Siapa yang menjadikan panas?

Nekad turun ke kedai, niat nak membeli air sejuk.
Balik dari kedai,
Dari jauh nampak anak kucing. Dah kesian pulak, aku pun dahaga, kucing yang taktau ape pun mesti dahaga gamaknya.
Yang selalu dimain masa nak tunggu baju siap di mesin.
Tuang air atas lantai, kunun nak bagi minum.
Anak kucin jilat, sambil pandang muka aku.
Bengong, why on earth did i pour the water onto the floor???
Lalu aku pun jadik cerdik sikit, korban penutup botol jadi cawan kucing.
Kucing pun minum; blap blap blap
"Dahaga ye kamu", aku bermonolog dalaman.

Habih air, kutuang lagi sikit.
Minum lagi.
Lepas minum, mengeleset tepi kaki, terus melompat ke riba.
Dah, lapar pulakkkkkkk..
Maaf cing, mima ada ayo sejuk jek.

1: Kita dahaga boleh la turun bilik, pegi kedai, beli ayo sejuk, minum. Dah kalau kucing, guane tu?
2: Dalam panas2 hari, haruslah muhasabah diri balik.
3: Panas ke hujan ke, Allah tu Maha Berkuasa menjaga makhlukNya. Tak kira la manusia ke kucin ke pokok ke. Berbalik kepada point nombor 1, hati panas sebab air sejuk tadek --> amik keputusan pegi kedai sebab nak jugak air sejuk --> berjalan bilik nampak kucing --> rasa kesian kat kucing --> kucing minum --> aku pun hepi sebab kucin melepet kat riba.
Faham tak apa yang aku cuba sampaikan...?
Perancangan Allah untuk semua memang perfecto! Aku jek yang selalu lupa. Dan leka.

Hayya alal falah!